8 Computer Tips And Tricks | Computer Problems and Solutions 2019

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Computer Tips And Tricks | Computer Problems and Solutions – Computer runs but pictures do not come on the monitor- At the time of this technology, we are very much computer dependent. And if you have to use the computer in your daily life, sometimes you have to read different problems. And Computer. There is no end to the problem with this problem so know from today’s post pc personal computer home solution.
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The following are the main problems of the computer:


First of all, it is because of Ram. So first check the ram, open the ram from the motherboard and see if the ram has burned anywhere or if it is not burnt, then clean the ram and apply again on the motherboard. It is best if you can wash and apply the ram with thinner and apply again. One more thing, no more ram
If it is good then it can be tested first if you do not own it, take it from someone, then you can understand whether it is a problem with 3Ram or something else.

Hard Disk:

This can happen if there is a problem with harddicks, so open the power lines of the hard disk and then turn on the computer.

Bios Battery:

Due to bios batteries, open the battery and start the computer.

Cooling Fan:

This problem can be caused by the cooling fan, cooling fan for a long time because of dirt and dust. Again, this problem occurs if the cooling fan is empty from the motherboard, so make sure to check if the cooling fan is blank. If it is empty, apply it well.


This may be because of the processor, so carefully open the processor. Now wash the processor thoroughly with thinner and then dry it again.


If the key on the bios is open (according to the motherboard) the key is not properly connected


If the bios are lost, try to hand over the motherboard if the space of the BIOS is overheated. Otherwise, you have to buy a new MOTHERBOARD.
Power Supply:
The power supplier may have seen everything going on but the MONITOR is not coming because the power supply is not properly voltage. So check with the new Power Supply.
If you do not understand anything in this post, please comment below to try to solve your computer problem. If you have any problem please share the post.

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