Android Version 10 is Coming | History Of Android Version 2020

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Today I’m Discuss History Of Android Version 2020. Ten years ago, the Android company is officially going to name their next version, Android 7 (Android 10). Naw Android Version 10 is Coming.

So Far The Version Of Android That Has Been On The Market Has Had Every Name –

  1. Android Cupcake.
  2. Android Donut.
  3. Android Eclair.
  4. Android Froyo.
  5. Android Gingerbread.
  6. Android Honeycomb.
  7. Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
  8.  Android Jelly Bean.
  9. Android KitKat.
  10. Android Lollipop.
  11. Android Marshmallow.
  12. Android Nougat.
  13. Android Oreo.
  14. Android Pie.
  15. And the latest version is Android 10

Next year will be Android 7. That will be unveiled to the users of 250 million Android devices.

This is also the first time that Google is likely to change its Android logo. And the logo may be used black instead of green.

Google may start using their new logo from the beginning of the week. Even Android 8 (Android 10) can be seen since then.

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