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Best 7 Exercise Regularly to increase the height of 2019
Best 7 Exercise Regularly to increase the height of 2019

Best 7 Exercise Regularly to increase the height of 2019

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Best 7 Exercise regularly to increase height 2019 – what if you want to be taller. What a pursuit for him. Do not sit down or take a doctor’s advice. What was scared at the beginning? You don’t have to do anything like that. To increase the height you need to practice the following seven exercises. If you follow the right rules, your height will increase. But if you do not do it properly, there will be no consequences.
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Before doing these exercises, be sure to take some light work. This will reduce the risk of getting sudden pain while exercising. Now let’s not know about these exercises – Best 7 Exercise regularly to increase height 2019

 Exercise 1:

Stand back against the wall. This way, try to keep yourself parallel to the wall. Also, try to touch the wall from the heel of your body to the back of your body. This way, try to stretch the wall by touching it straight. Do this exercise 4 to 5 times in the hour.

 Exercise 2:

At the end of the first exercise, hang with your hands using a ring or bar at this stage. Take off the body. Let the legs swing like a pendulum. Feel the power of gravity over yourself. Thus, keep yourself from hanging for 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise in the same process. You can do 1 to 5 times in one set.

 Exercise 3:

Now hold the ring again. But this time you do not have to hang. Instead, try to lift yourself up by holding the ring. Once you get up this way, then release your body weight. Leave it on for about 5 minutes.
Thus, finish this exercise in 3 sets. Remember, don’t hang for 5 minutes in the beginning. Your body will take whatever amount it can. Gradually increase the time to 5 minutes.

৪. The fourth exercise:

At this stage, just hang on the ring or bar for 5 minutes. Do this 3 times.

৫. Fifth Exercise:

At this stage, the exercise will seem a bit daunting. Now you have to hang it upside down in the ring or in the bar with the knuckle fold. Release your body by hanging upside down. Let both hands hang. In this way, keep counting from 1 to 5.
When the countdown is over, fall down. Get someone to help you complete this step. Try to slow down. Don’t stress yourself if you can’t. Try to learn slowly. Yet if you do not master this exercise, do the closest you can. It may help a bit.
6. Exercise VI:
If you come to this stage, the good news is for you, you have come through the most difficult phase. You will no longer have to hang in the ring or bar. The first thing you need to do is take a long jump to the left of where you are standing first. Also, try to land on the right foot. That is, the right foot will first touch the ground when jumping. When jumping, try to jump as long as possible.

7. Seventh Exercise:

At this stage, we have reached the last step of our exercise routine. At this stage, you will be lying on the ground with your stomach full. Your body and legs will be straight and tensioned.
Lift both hands behind your back and keep them in a tight position. Now try to lift yourself as much as possible from this position. Your head and neck will be straight forward. This way, try 3 to 5 times.


In this way, try to exercise regularly for 7 days a week. These are basically stretching exercises that help your body cope. As the body is cut off, the height begins to increase. But all of this will be possible only if you are below the age of 20. Because our body only grows up to 25 years. However, whenever you do not exercise, be sure to get some freehand or light body exercises to do before exercise.
Also, be aware that nothing extra is good. If you think that excessive exercise will increase the speed, you will make a mistake. Rather, excessive exercise often prevents height gain. However, it will not be the only exercise. A balanced diet should also be taken. At the same time, a positive attitude must be brought to life. With it, all the bad lifestyle and bad habits will have to be left. Only then will your height increase with fitness.
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