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Don’t Forget To Do The 5 Basic On-Page SEO | BEST SEO TIPS 2019

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Don’t Forget To Do The 5 Basic On-Page SEO | BEST SEO TIPS 2019: Basic OnPage SEO: – Hello Friends We all know that without a search engine optimization (SEO) it is not possible to rank a blog. In order to get your web site in a good position, you must do on-page SEO. So today I will discuss with you 1 basic on-page SEO and hope to read the full post for your work.
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Don’t Forget To Do The 5 Basic On-Page SEO | BEST SEO TIPS 2019

Basic Onpage SEO:

1. Title:

Think of the title first of each post, because the title is the largest number of titles to rank. Before you give a title, use Google Keyword Planner and see how your main keyword reads and its competitors in 6 months. Always try to work with less competitive lead. Then you can quickly rank your blog or web site.

2. Meta Tags:

The first thing I will talk about is the meta tag. After starting your site, use the meta tag first to describe what your site is about. Use meta tags individually when posting each new one. Many of us do not even know this, but meta tags play a big role in ranking your post. See how to use meta tags from this link.


You must use the image in each post, but if you do, optimize the image in the right way. Image not only enhances the beauty of the post but also brings a visitor to your blog from the search engine so use ALT TAG of the image.

4. Internal Linking SEO:

Many new bloggers don’t make the mistake of linking to the internet more often, but it’s a big mistake. At the time of each of your posts will be linked to one post. Internal linking will reduce your bounce rate so Google will rank your site.

 4. Loading Time:

Many of us focus on loading time, design blogs with beautiful themes but this is a big mistake. If your site takes longer to load, Google will not automatically give visitors to your site. When the loading time is high, a viewer will not want to enter your site, therefore reduce the site’s loading time. Use this link to check loading time.

 5. Sitemap Created:

It is very important to create a site map of your blog. Use Google Webmaster Tools to create a Sitemap. With Sitemaps, you can also find out about all the problems with your web site.
 Hopefully, today’s 3 basic on-page SEO tips will help you. If you have any problem understanding this post please comment below and if you like please share.

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