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Inspector Investigation FPSC today solved paper persisted 4th January 2020 02:00 Pm Batch 1. Download today FPSC past paper of Inspector in FIA Federal Investigation Agency Department 04-01-2020 evening paper along with side answer key.

Today Here I Am Provide You Very Important FIA Inspector Investigation FPSC 4th paper January 2020 Batch 1. I hope I’ts Help Your FIA Inspector Investigation FPSC Exam 2020.

  1.  Pakistan and Afghanistan border name?  Durand line
  2. International mother language day celebrated each year on? 21st February
  3. Longest verse is in which Surah of the Holy Quran?  Al Baqarah
  4. Islamabad is located in?  Margalla hills
  5. The drum of the photostat machine is made with? Selenium
  6. Inelastic collision, potential energy is not? conserved
  7. Pakistan and Afghanistan are situated in which mountain range? Hindu kush
  8. Longest in the Himalayas is?  Nanga Parbat
  9. First constitution assembly of Pakistan was established how many years of independence? 7 years
  10. Asma Jahangir died in?  Lahore
  11. In sunlight plants absorb? CO2
  12. According to the raking of 2018 in Asia ranking which was the top 100th University? Quaid-e-Azam University
  13. Who imposes a tax on the emission of carbon for the reduction of greenhouse gases in Singapore?
  14. The riskiest country for a newborn is? Pakistan
  15. When did Allama Iqbal get the title of Sir?  1922
  16. Laughing gas formula is?  N20
  17. The wealthiest city in the World is? New York
  18. Which country is the least corrupt in the World?  Denmark
  19. Surah Nisa is about?  family issues
  20. Cripps Mission was rejected by?  both parties
  21. Atomic hydrogen has a life of fraction of second
  22. 8 to 80 Paisa ratio is ? 10/1
  23. The frequency used in TV is ? VHF
  24. Charles law is about ? Gases
  25. Solid and liquid are separated by?  Filtration
  26. Red green blue balls have ratio of 2:3:5 Ratio of green is ? 30%
  27. By product of khilafat movement ? Hijrat movement
  28. Cancer day theme is ? we can, i can
  29. Quaid e Azam appointed governor general bywhom ?  King
  30. Allama Iqbal joined Punjab Council in ? 1926
  31. Longest glacier is baltoro
  32. Liaquat Ali khan has portfolio of ? Finance
  33. Pakistan largest fresh water lake is ? Manchar
  34. Highest mountain of Himalaya is?  Nanga Parbat
  35. when charges of both body double then force become ? 4 times
  36. Magnetic needle will become?  Horizontal at equator
  37. Dry ice is ? solid Carbon dioxide
  38. Founder of unionist party ? Sikandar Hayat
  39. Who is the Author of book “Spirit of Islam”? Syed Ameer Ali
  40. Bab ul Islam ? Sindh
  41. Ozone layer protects us from?  Ultra Violet Rays
  42. Brotherhood?  Muslims and Ansaar
  43.  Al-Quasar? River in paradise
  44.  Salt and water separated by ? Distillation
  45. Diamer Bhasha dam is built on?  Indus river
  46. Quantity of matter in steel ball is?  Mass
  47. Starch is not available in? Cotton
  48. Red colour of blood is due to ? Hemoglobin
  49. Human activity ? Geography
  50. Border length of Pakistan and  India? 1610KM
  51. What __ is____ doing in your free time? do you like
  52. Those who ____ late are allowed to in ? arrived
  53. How many languages _____ your wife speak? does
  54. Pakistan’s ranking in intellectual property index ? (A)  47 (B) 46 
  55. West Pakistani members in the first constituent assembly were? 47
  56. Punjab information technology Board ( PITB) issued business portal like the agreement to? (A) Balochistan  (B) GB  (C) Sindh 

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