FPSC Inspector Investigation FPSC paper 3rd January 2020 Batch 2

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Today Here I Am Provide You Very Important FPSC Inspector Investigation FPSC paper, 3rd January 2020 Batch 2. I hope I’ts Help Your FPSCInspector Investigation FPSC Exam 2020.

Inspector ASF FPSC today solved paper held on 3rd January 2020 at 10:00 Am Batch 2. Download today FPSC past paper of Inspector in ASF Airport Security Force Department 03-01-2020 morning paper along with answer key.

Current Affairs /General Knowledge

1. Which Indian royal family members were supported financially to break the ottoman empire? Ans Nawab of Rampur Hyderabad
2. Quaid-e -Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah joined the Muslim League in which year?  1913
3. Heavy Industries Taxila was established with the help of which Country? China
4. WWF stands for what? World Wildlife Fund
5. Sayyid al Shuhada?  Hazrat Hamza (R.A)
6. When Pakistan joined Word bank? July 11
7. A first prime number is ? 2
8. Which least number is completely divided by 41? 10045
9. The ratio of age is 9:11 after 4 years it becomes 10:12, what is the age? 20
10. Allahabad Address was president by Allama Iqbal in which year? 1930
11 Capital of South Africa? Cape town
12 NIC was issued in which year?  1974
13 PTV started color transmission in which year? 1976
14. Allama Iqbal Ph.D. thesis?  Development of Metaphysics
15.  Pakistan in a grey list? February 2020
16.  Kirkey? Turkey
17. Who is the current President of China?   Xi Chipping
18. Nation Thamud?  Camel
19. Masarif Zakat ?  8
20. Who is the current Permanent Representative of Pakistan in UN? Munir Akram
21. The drama which was seen in 30 Muslim countries? Diril ertugrul
22.  Prophet SAW and Sahabi resemblance – Musaib Ibn Umair
23. Who is the current  FBR Chairman? Shabbar Zaidi
24.  Hillary Clinton 2007? Secretary of state
25. Which country do people protest against the amendment bill pass currently? Hong Kong
26.  Sole of spokesperson written by?
27.  Opposition leader of labor party UK? Jeremy Corbin
28.  Nation worship of calf? Musa AS
29. Ready-made food from Heaven?  Musa AS
30. Does UN Secretary-General belong?  Portugal
31.  Maternal Uncle of Prophet SAW -?

Are You Remember MCQs of today’s Inspector ASF Batch 2  FPSC paper please share below in comments.

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