History of Valentine’s Day In English 2020

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Today I’m Discuss History of Valentine’s Day. This History Is Deep Love Related. Valentine Day History is Know Some People. The word love is easily mixed with the instinct of all, because it is the center of this love that has grown since birth, and so everyone has a special thought about celebrating Valentine’s Day.

The story of the beginning of the day of love day is also very colorful and so we have today organized Valentine’s Day or the origin of World Love Day and the reason for celebrating it.

“Love” is probably one of the rarest and most sought after pleasures in the world, but it is never possible to know exactly when this love or desire originated. Love or desire is seen in all other life forms of the animal world, but no one has ever been able to associate the way of life and motivation with it.

To celebrate this unseen feeling of unseen and pressing hardship called love, a special day of every year has been declared as “Valentine’s Day” or love day.

According to the Western calendar, this day is fixed on February 7th or just the 2nd day of Falgun.

With Love Day, many have a lot of history and many mysteries. A little research on this day can be seen, it has a lot of old history. Why is this Valentine’s Day? And when did this day start? And who was Valentine?

To find answers to these questions, we have to walk through centuries of history. There are many stories in the center of Love Day, and so on, we will become familiar with a common story.

According to many histories, Saint or St. Valentine was a priest. The priest St. Valentine was childish, social and kind, evangelical, and he was a good physician. At that time Claudius was Emperor of the Romans. Emperor Claudius of Rome was a believer in the worship of various gods, and therefore the emperor of Rome was ordered to worship all the gods, but he was imprisoned and ordered to renounce Christianity, but the emperor repeatedly ordered him to renounce Christianity. Rejected Valentine.

After St. Valentine’s imprisonment, many of the young men and women visited him daily in the prison and offered gifts, as well as stimulating Valentine with various provocative words. Along with them, a blind girl from a prison guard also went to see Valentine and they both spoke openly. One time Valentine falls in love with the girl, and after some time, the blind girl regains her sight in St. Valentine’s spiritual healing.

When the emperor heard of Valentine’s love and affection for the youth of the country, he was enraged and Valentine was sentenced to death on February 7. That’s the beginning of the day.

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Start of the day in our country …

Around the 8th, the day of love emerged in our country, and since then the thought of the day of love has attracted more of the new generation. That is the beginning of the day.

There are many facts and facts about Valentine’s Day history, but it has the same idea and history as one but love is the sweetest and most tender feeling in the world, and therefore February 8 is the desired day for generations, so this day is extremely popular in many countries of the world. Observed with joy and joy.

If you have any thoughts on World Love Day or Valentine’s Day, be sure to let us know and we would love to share with your friends if you like our writing, thank you.

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