NAB Ordinance- MCQS For Assistant Director Test-2020

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Hi guys, Today I am Provide You Most Important MCQs for NAB Ordinance- Assistant Director Test- 2020. We have prepared Statics MCQs on Index Numbers with Answers which will help your Exam Of Assistant Director Test Preparation.

NAB Ordinance-1999 MCQS NAB Assistant:

Director Test-2020

1- NAB ordinance-1999 comprised of __________ sections. 

  1. 30
  2. 32
  3. 35
  4. 37*

2- Who appoints the judge of the NAB Accountability court? 

  1. Prime Minister
  2. President 
  3. President with the consultation of High Court Chief Justice*
  4. None 

3- Section 5 (a) of NAB Ordinance-1999 defines __________.

  1. Court*
  2. Accused
  3. Panel Code 
  4. None 

4- Which section of the NAB ordinance deals with the definition? 

  1. Sec-5*
  2. Sec-6
  3. Sec-2
  4. Sec-3

5- NAB Ordinance- 1999 is comprised of _________ schedule. 

  1. 1*
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. None 

NAB Assistant Director Test- 2020

6- Which section of the NAB ordinance-1999 defines court? 

  1. Sec-5 (a)
  2. Sec-5 (c)
  3. Sec-5 (h)
  4. Sec-5 (g)*

7- Which section of NAB ordinance-1999 defines Accused ? 

  1. Sec-5 (a)*
  2. Sec-5 (c)
  3. Sec-5 (h)
  4. Sec-5 (g)

8- Any property owned or controlled (directly & indirectly) by the accused is called? 

  1. Liability 
  2. Assets *
  3. Personal Property
  4. None 

9- According to Section- 5 (p) of NAB ordinance-1999, Property means: 

  1. Moveable property
  2. Immovable Property
  3. Assets 
  4. Both a & b *

10- According to NAB Ordinance-1999, Section- 5 (c) deals with: 

  1. Assets*
  2. Local Government 
  3. Accused 
  4. None 

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