NTS Military Accounts Junior Auditor Test Syllabus, MCQS, 2019

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NTS Military Accounts Junior Auditor written test syllabus, Complete Test Preparation guide. Here you’ll find NTS Military accounts jobs detail, most relevant NTS Military Accounts Junior Auditor wrote Test Material and Past papers, etc. Let’s start.

Department: Military Accounts- Pakistan

Number of Post: (BPS-11) Junior Auditor Test Syllabus – Military Accounts Department

Do Remember These Two Rules for Preparation

NTS Junior Auditor Past Paper (Finance Questions)

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Rule No: 1

First work on your weak side:
No matter whatever you’re getting to prepare but keep one thing in mind that first identify your strength and weaknesses before starting. for instance. if you recognize you’re good in English portion but weak in analytical or in current affairs side then first you ought to work on your weak side. Few students have good skills in mathematics and have sound knowledge of current affairs but they’re much weak at English portion.
Do you know what’s the common problem of 99% of students? They wont to spend much time therein area during which they’re already strong and don’t emphasize on their weak portion. Believe me, that’s the particular problem of 99% of students, therefore, they don’t achieve their goals and as a result, they lose their motivation and keenness. So, first, decide you would like to be a neighborhood of 1% or 99%? you would like to be an achiever or a loser? I hope you bought my point.

Rule No: 2

Again Re-Read the Rule No:1 & Be stick with it.
NTS Junior Auditor Past Paper (Finance Questions)

Junior Auditor Test Syllabus

MCQs Type Written Test

Total Marks -100

  • Verbal Reasoning– (English Grammar, Vocabulary & Comprehension)
  • General Knowledge
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Basic Accounting
  • Basic Auditing
  • Basic Finance
Most Relevant Test Material For Junior Auditor Jobs-2019

Just Click Here for Preparation

  1. English MCQS
  2. Basic Finance 
  3. Basic Auditing
  4. Basic Accounting 
  5. General Knowledge 
  6. Computer MCQS

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