Severe physical harm in overuse of mobiles: A study

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Severe physical harm in overuse of mobiles: A study

Mobile phones are used daily. Once again, many people are becoming addicted to the use of the Internet on this mobile.

Psychologists and researchers say both are highly addicted to Facebook or communication about the personal feelings they share, and the way they communicate with friends through social media.

According to multiple studies, the Huffington Post reports that users are experiencing physical and psychological problems due to the overuse of mobile.

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Let’s know why using a mobile phone can cause physical and emotional harm. Severe physical harm in overuse of mobiles

Fear Of Losing

The mind is always careful about whether the mobile is in the right place. Fear of losing mobile is a problem born in the mind. Researchers have termed the fear of losing contact with mobiles ‘nomophobia’; Whose full name is ‘no mobile-phone phobia’.

Impact in sleep

Excessive use of mobile phones also affects sleep. Sending time messages, chatting causes sleep problems.
Psychologists say that sleep texting can occur in situations such as anxiety, work stress, spending time with the phone. Researchers have advised not to place a cellphone next to the bed at night.

The light of the eye

UK ophthalmologists warn that the overuse of mobile can lead to vision impairment. This can cause myopia or poor vision.

Low hearing in the ears

Excessive use of the phone can cause ear problems.
Hearing music loudly using headphones affects the cells of the endocrine system and causes abnormal behavior in the brain.

Sperm can be reduced

Researchers say that harmful waves emitted from mobiles affect sperm and can reduce sperm concentration.

No sleep

Excessive use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and additional television viewing is most commonly caused by sleep problems or sleep apnea.
Even messier than the toilet seat

US researchers have found that phones contain up to 5 times more bacteria than toilet seats. Because the cellphone is not regularly cleaned, it becomes a sanctuary for germs.

Source: Daily Jugantar

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