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Some Simple Tricks On Facebook Live 2019

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Some Simple Tricks On Facebook Live 2019

Facebook Live has the ability to watch and show videos on Facebook Live. Earlier, Periscope was live-streaming on Twitter, Snapchat’s video features and Alphabet’s YouTube. News Crime
With this move, television has also become a potential competitor to internet-based media. However, many are not able to do live video because they do not know how to do it. Only a few clicks can be made a live video using Facebook if you know a few tricks.
Which will be required
Live on the Facebook Facebook page or facebook ID, webcam or webcam with a laptop, smartphone, iPhone, iPad or tablet PC with the facility.
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Some Simple Tricks of Facebook Live ..!

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Some Simple Tricks On Facebook Live 2019

How to Live on Facebook

Just like the status update on Facebook, go to the ‘Post’ option. You will see another button next to the camera, check-in, filling/activity, tag, location buttons. This is the ‘Live’ button. Click this button. Now a new interface will come up. The camera will be turned on. Provide a caption for your live video when the connection is complete. Click the Privacy tab if you need to, and fix the viewers. Then click on the ‘Go Live’ button.

Live broadcast on Facebook

You will not find any major option called ‘Broadcast Now!’ For holding live video on Facebook. But the status icon has live streaming video options. You will get a new icon next to the check-in icon. If you do not give any status recently, you will see a notification floating around on the check-in icon. Where it says, ‘New! Record and share live video. 
If you’re ready for live video retention and broadcast, select the icon and let Facebook access your camera and microphone. Then when you touch the blue ‘Continue’ button, you will be asked to describe the broadcast. You can set the privacy of your video on the same screen. You can even set options for viewing the video yourself.
Live streaming video can be captured with a selfie or any camera. Regardless of the portrait or landscape that holds the video, the video will always show on the square screen. If you hold a video in portrait, the option of Facebook comment will be below the video. In landscape mode, the comment options will be on the right. From the time you go live, the video feed will appear on your timeline. On the broadcast screen, you’ll see how many viewers are watching the video, how long you’ve been recording and even live commentary. The funny thing is, you don’t have a time limit for video capture. However, a good internet connection is essential. However, being in the WiFi range is good for you.
Not yet your live video streaming notification will go public. So you can put a status before sending the notification to everyone. The video will display as a video in your timeline after the live video streaming is finished. Anyone can watch the video later and your video’s viewership will increase. As an added benefit, the video will also be stored in your mobile memory. Later you can re-use the video if you need to by editing another social media or editing.

To stop the live video

To close the live video, click on the ‘Chansarranjarham Jhorasang’ button on the page and click on the ‘Thrust’ icon from here. You will then be given the title of your live broadcast. Click on the title. This will bring up the live window again. At the bottom of the live window, you will find the ‘Ahhf Drought’ button, clicking here will stop your life.
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