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The Most Popular Smartphones List And Details Of Till 2019

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Half of the year is almost over. Today we will see and know which smartphones have occupied the market at that time. As per usual, the South Korean tech giant Samsung continues to dominate the market. The latest two series of their middle and low middle range are Samsung Galaxy A series and Samsung Galaxy M series which has surpassed all the companies.

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The Most Popular Smartphones List And Details Of  Till  2019

We have taken 6 of Samsung’s phones out of 10 smartphones in this Ranking. Samsung Galaxy A series has replaced Samsung Galaxy A50, Samsung Galaxy A70, Samsung Galaxy A30, Samsung Galaxy A20, and Samsung Galaxy A10.

The Samsung Galaxy M40 phone from the Samsung Galaxy M series has also got a place. Besides, Xiaomi’s three phones have found a place in our ranking. Xiaomi’s Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is in very good shape and competes very well with Samsung.

 Xiaomi’s Xiaomi Mi 9T and Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro are also doing well. Outside of this, the only phone from Motorola has found a place in the Motorola One Pro Ranking.

Due to the US ban on Huawei, none of their phones are in a good position in the market. Samsung and Xiaomi are taking full advantage of that. Besides, they have been a big hit as Google shifts from their side.

Let us know the full specifications of The Most Popular Smartphones List And Details Of  Till  2019:

Click on the picture to know the details of each Smartphone Ranking.
Ranking Start From No 1.

1.Samsung Galaxy A50

Glazetechbd Ranking

2.Samsung Galaxy A70

Glazetechbd Ranking

3.Xiaomi Mi 9T

Glazetechbd Ranking

4.Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro

Glazetechbd Ranking

5.Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Glazetechbd Ranking

6.Samsung Galaxy M40

Glazetechbd Ranking

7.Samsung Galaxy A30

Glazetechbd Ranking

8.Samsung Galaxy A20

Glazetechbd Ranking

9.Motorola One Pro

Glazetechbd Ranking

10.Samsung Galaxy A10

Glazetechbd Ranking
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