What Is Coronavirus? symptoms, treatment, and protection 2020

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Coronavirus was previously unknown to scientists – in the meantime, many people have caused serious lung disease in China and it is spreading to many countries around the world.

The virus is causing pneumonia in patients’ bodies. As a result, health officials around the world are on alert.

The coronavirus is an infectious virus that has never spread to humans before.

Another name for the virus is 25-NCOV or Novel coronavirus. It is a type of coronavirus. There are many different types of coronavirus, but only six can be infected in humans. But due to the new type of virus, the number will be seven from now.

The virus, which spreads the epidemic in China since 2001, has been infected with the virus, which killed 3 people and infected six people on the earth. It was also a type of coronavirus.

Laxmana of coronavirus

The virus starts with a fever, followed by a dry cough. About a week later the breathing began. Many patients have to be admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Patients with coronavirus can experience all the symptoms, ranging from a mild cold to death.

What can change the virus?

The virus is transmitted from one animal to another and is constantly changing its genetic structure – called mutation – from one organism to another.

So it is feared that the virus may become more dangerous in a few days.

But scientists are still trying to know the nature of the virus and how it can be prevented.

News of various deadly viruses, such as SARS or Ebola, occasionally comes through the news. This coronavirus is the latest in her.

Scientists say the virus may already be ‘mutating’ inside human cells, changing the structure and taking new forms and multiplying it – making it even more dangerous.

The virus infects the lungs of the human being and through the respiratory system, it spreads from one body to another. Like the common flu or cold, the virus spreads through coughs and coughs.

Do what you can to avoid coronavirus

So far, no drugs or vaccines have been discovered for coronavirus. The best way is to keep yourself alert. Find out how to prevent coronavirus-

Try to stay home as much as possible:

  1. Be sure to take a mask with you before getting out.
  2. Try to avoid the bus, train or similar mass transit.
  3. From the back, wash hands thoroughly with handwash or liquid soap.
  4. Before leaving, close the door to the door. Keep the window open for an hour in the morning. In it, enough fresh air and sunlight will enter the room.
  5. To stay healthy and strong, eat healthy foods. Eat plenty of fruits and enough water. Eat something or wash it well before cooking.
  6. When cooking eggs or meat, try to cook for sufficient time. Remember, they must be boiled.
  7. Try to wash the dirty clothes quickly, do not leave them for days or weeks.
  8. Keep the house clean. Clean your living room and workplace regularly. Use ethyl alcohol in this case. You can find it at any drugstore.
  9. Be sure to use masks to stay safe. If you feel unwell, seek medical advice quickly. If you know someone who is infected, get a quick treatment
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