What Is Web Hosting? Web Hosting Full Explain in 2020

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Hello Guys, The thing I brought to you today is web hosting. What is this web hosting? Today, I will show you the whole issue of how it works.
Many people know about it and many do not know what web hosting is about, so who does not know. This article is for them today.

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Basically what web hosting refers to is storage.
Suppose you have a file on your phone that you will transfer to another phone. What to do if you have to use any software between the two phones. And after connecting the hotspots between them, you can send the file from one phone to another.

And the thing is, I can only transfer files to just one phone. So we need something that can transmit it to phones around the world.

We need to create a network that will be spread around all four sides. And this is the Internet. If I give this file to the Internet then it will be very easy to get the item that he needs by searching on the Internet.
So here it is,

Now come to Web Hosting, let’s say that the SD card that your phone has is Web Hosting. Means (an SD card with many GBs)

And what we upload into this is the content,
So what we don’t upload is content.

And, why is it called Web Hosting?

Because if we use our phone as hosting then that is it. I can’t be online for 24 hours. For example, various WiFi and other Internet providers, they will not be able to give us a net connection all the time.

But, many of the big web hosting companies, they are online for 24 hours.

So we go to them that I need so much GB storage, we rent them. No Web Hosting. Online so that my content can always be there.

Why don’t we upload that storage to that ??

It is always online. And one thing you need to upload to this content is the C panel. Suppose you have a blog and publish this blog then you will need this C panel.

This is web hosting, come to the domain.
You’ve uploaded your content, but what the domain needs to make that content unique to everyone.
The domain is the address.

I mean, you upload your content but how will it reach the world? Used for that, domain or specific address. And this address means that the domain is connected to Web Hosting so that when someone searches with this address comes to your content. This is Web Hosting.

I hope you understand who I am,

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